Béchir Garbouj Déméter Tunisia   Novel French ISBN 978-9973-706-2-2 editions.demeter@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/editionsdemeter/ 2012. A group of young bearded […]
Fawzia Zouari Déméter Tunisia   Novel French ISBN 978-9973-706-50-8 editions.demeter@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/editionsdemeter/ “An extraordinary autobiographical tale.” Catherine […]
Hervé Nègre & Claire Cécile Mitatre Malika Éditions Morocco   Art Book Arabic, English & French
Rachel Thomann Sarrazines & Co Morocco   Essay French ISBN 978-9954-39-555-4  https://sarrazinesandco.blogspot.com sarrazinesandco@gmail.com Marrakesh is the […]
Sido Lansari  Kulte Éditions Morocco   Art Book Arabic, English & French ISBN 9978-9954-9605-8-5 www.artkulte.com  editions@artkulte.com Sido Lansari's […]
Collective Éditions de la Librairie de la Colonne Morocco   Review French & Spanish ISBN 978-9954-576-14-4 
Abderrahim Berrada Tarik Éditions Morocco   Essay French ISBN 978-9920-9735-19  www.tarikeditions.com    tarik.edition@gmail.com In a vibrant plea […]
Mohamed Zafzaf Virgule Éditions Morocco   Novel French ISBN 9978-992054-95-37-78  https://fr-fr.facebook.com/virguleeditions/ virguleeditions@gmail.com Translated from Arabic by […]
Rachid Khaless Virgule Éditions Morocco   Poetry French ISBN 978-9954-965-94-8  https://fr-fr.facebook.com/virguleeditions/ virguleeditions@gmail.com “The tone, the words, the […]
Dominique Caubet et Amine Hamma Éditions du Sirocco Morocco   Art Book Darija & French ISBN […]