The Choked Voice

Abdul Majeed Muhammad Khalaf

Al Zaman




ISBN 978-9933-453-99-2  

The boat sets sails for exile, leaving a miserable East and pursuing salvation. The voices of the travellers rise to narrate their alienation, the tragedies they lived and their eternal longing for their homeland.

The journey starts with the sea, which first welcomes them warmly before flooding some of them later. Finally, those who reach the shores of the supposed salvation will try to heal by narrating memories from the East they departed.

They search for their lost dream and hope, only to find that it was just a mere illusion. They describe their experiences with human traffickers who lead them through barren roads, forests, seas, and states borders. In the West, the faces do not resemble the faces in their homeland, nor the sky is like its sky. Everything has changed, everything portends anxiety, pain, sadness, and nostalgia. Finally, the protagonists ask to return to their homeland, where they could get rid of alienation and pain.

Abdul Majeed Muhammad Khalaf was born in Qamishli (Syria) in 1978. He holds a law degree and a certificate from the Institute of Teachers Preparation in the Arabic Language section. He won the Sharjah Prize for Arab Creativity in 2010 for his novel The Smothered Voice, which was printed twice. He published several novels and books on literary criticism, and he writes for several Arab and international newspapers, magazines and websites.