Daouya’s wings

Rabia Djelti

Éditions Barzakh




Translated from Arabic by Mohamed Sehaba

This is the story of a “powerful woman”, Daouya, who, initiated by her grandmother Hanna Nouha, takes on the mission to save the world. Travelling between Oran, Damascus and Paris, witnessing the madness of Men, Daouya, always wrapped in her mysterious brown coat (what does she hide?), meets, through her peregrinations, women of different profiles, with chaotic backgrounds, all free and combative: from Oum El Kheir the street vendor to Nezha the journalist and writer, from Sapho the sex worker to Ibtissem the Syrian exile. One day, Daouya must face the great flood threatening to engulf the Earth ... This novel of anticipation, published in Arabic in 2015 and where reality mixes with fantasy, delivers a message of peace and love. It defends a utopia: that poetry, music, and art save Humanity, and reads like an ode to women and creation. 

Rabia Djelti is professor of modern Arabic literature at the University of Algiers. Poetess, novelist and translator, she writes in Arabic, French and Spanish. She has published among others: Adhourwa (الذروة2010) and Arch mouachchaq (عرشٌ مُعَشَّقْ, 2013). She was also Director of Arts and Letters at the Ministry of Culture from 2003 to 2005 and host of literary programs on television and radio. She received the Arab Creative Writing Award for her body of work in Abu Dhabi in 2002.