The Saudi State

Ali Awad Al Qutb

Al Intishar




Many researchers overlook the history of the first Saudi state revealed in the sources of southwestern Saudi Arabia, considering that many of these resources are still manuscript. They are usually satisfied with Najdi and foreign sources, thinking that the ones from southwestern Saudi Arabia may not contain any information about the first Saudi state. For these reasons and given the abundance of historical material provided by the sources of southwestern Saudi Arabia, The Saudi State intends to draw the attention of those researchers to this valuable historical material. Additionally, it offers a critical examination of the methodologies and the chronology of events appearing in the southwestern Arabian Peninsula archives documenting the emergence of the first Saudi state. This book also tries to uncover the positions of historians in southwestern Saudi Arabia, and to reveal their prejudices against Wahhabi missionaries, which was a major factor in founding the first Saudi state.

Ali Awad Al Qutb is a researcher and historian from Saudi Arabia. He has written dozens of articles in several Saudi newspapers, such as Al-Watan, Al Sharq and Al Jazeera. He published The Yazidi Princes, printed twice, which was one of the best-sellers in the Riyadh Fair in 2013 and 2016, and co-edited Collective investigation into the history of Asir by Sheikh Al-Hassan bin Ali Al-Hafzi.