The land of burnt passion

Béchir Khraïef

Sud Éditions




Here is a story and a journey. The story of a remote place, "like a house in a narrow lane, towards which you only go if you have something to do there". And the combat journey of a family from southwest Tunisia, alternating days of prosperity and days of famine. With the occurrence of fortuitous events, the climate and relationships within the family change. The family of Sheikh Salem Abdel-Aali, crossed by contradictions and oscillating between love and hatred, betrayal and loyalty, individualism and solidarity, is the image of a bigger family: Tunisian society in colonial times. Both resemble a body carrying within it the reasons for its disappearance and its survival; a boat swaying over a restless mother.


Béchir Khraïef is one of Tunisia's brilliant writers and pioneer of fictional art. His writings are various variations with freedom. He wrote numerous novels, historical books and short stories.