The fifty-year-old man

Hamid Abdelkader

Éditions Barzakh




The novel The fifty-year-old man plunges into history. It is the tragedy of an individual caught up in social orientations that do not correspond at all to his dreams or aspirations, and which awaken in him a nostalgia that links him to the past. The plot takes place on a boat, the Tariq ibn Ziyad, on a stormy day. During the eighteen-hour crossing from Algiers to Marseilles, many details from the life of the narrator and his family show the contradictions that nourished different opinions and ideologies in the Algeria of the 1970s. In the same way, a thousand years of the country's history appear. The narrator decides to travel to Grasse, in the south of France, in search of Amira Anouar, his first love. The book is nominated for the 2020 Mohamed Dib prize. 

Hamid Abdelkader was born in 1967 in Ain Benyan, near Algiers. He studied political science and international relations at the University of Algiers, and turned to journalism in 1990. He is responsible for the Culture section of the daily El Khabar. He is the author of several novels and essays on the contemporary history of Algeria, in Arabic and French. He received the international Al Khabar press freedom prize.