The Criminal Sent by Heaven

Abdullah Al Zaabi

Atlas Books




The Criminal Sent by Heaven is a thriller written by a young “outcaste” author who lives in a conservative city and tries to break all the taboos and restrictions of his extremely conservative intolerant society with a tremendous wit and great boldness. He describes what is happening behind luxurious streets and towers, which is not known to many people who live in this very same city! Prostitution, drogues, crimes and more take place in the dark when the upper class is sleeping or enjoying their luxurious lives in fancy restaurants and malls.

What distinguish the writing of Al-Zaabi are the visual scenes that he depicts, so that the reader can clearly form characters in his imagination and feel that he is following a movie! The element of suspense and speedy rhythm keep the reader alert till the last page.

It is the story of many people oppressed by their society and traditions.


Born in Dubai in 1982, Abdullah Al Zaabi started his writing career in 2007. He moves between various genres, ranging from opinion articles to newspaper investigations, TV reports, programs and documentaries, to stories and novels. He has four publications already: two novellas and one collection of short stories. His latest novel is The Criminal sent by Heaven. The literary productions of Al-Zaabi cannot be confined to a specific genre or school, but they could be distinguished by his shocking audacity and black sarcasm.