The Beast Inside Me

Halim Yousef

Sefsafa Cutlure and Publishing




The Beast Inside Me is a story about the life of two generations in Syria, who have lived in the time of Al-Asad family (father and son), during the worst years of culture of fear and mass killing. Salar, the narrator, tells his teacher’s story in the primary school, who had been arrested in prison in the time of Al-Asad (the father) for political charges. After the death of Al-Asad (the father) the teacher got out of prison. Between this two times the issue of the big beasts whom had been tamed by the father’s generals is unfold. The beasts moves increase, and these alien beings spread all over the country. People are starting to lose their humanities little by little, they are slowly transforming into monsters...

Halim Yousef is a German writer born in Kurdistan (Syria), who moved to Germany in 2000. He writes and speaks Kurdish, Arabic and German. He has published more than ten books of fiction, won the Kurdish best Novel Award in 2015 and is a member of the German PEN Club.