Stories of Khanka

Yasser Allam

Sefsafa Culture & Publishing




Stories of Khanka provides a synthesis of the history of an Egyptian family and the institutions which formed the cities around them. The family emigrates from its village to establish a colony in the Khanka area. This adventure turns to be a leap into a new world organized by a cruel bureaucracy. The women of the family lead the family without taking the first rows. They build houses, arrange children marriages and determine the fates of husbands. Mothers and grandmothers appear to be strong when articulating family's life, while the men appear dreamy and adventurous, going through life as a game won by the mere fact of practicing it. The book covers more than six decades, from before the 1919 revolution to the 1973 war. It alternates between personal and public stories, and moves between subjective and collective matters, with technical writing resources closer to oral narration. Captivated with this narrative adventure, the author eventually leaves us saturated with questions and pleasure.

Yasser Allam is a writer, theater critic and lecturer at the Academy of Arts. He has published several theater plays that have been translated into numerous languages. He also participated in founding and training in several creative writing workshops, and in many local and international scientific conferences with research papers on the techniques of writing and the function of creative practice. Stories of Khanka is his first novel.