Of yesterday and today Islam

Mohamed Chérif Ferjani 





Of yesterday and today Islam brings together reflections written in different contexts. What they have in common is the concern to historicise what are often presented as consubstantial categories of Islam or essential features of a religion without the effect of history on it and without any connection with the realities of the societies in which it has emerged and evolved. Some texts concern the classical period, from the beginnings of Islam to the end of what is presented as the "golden age" of Arab-Muslim civilisation; others deal more with the contemporary period marked by contradictory relations with the developments of modern times. This is not an exhaustive study of Islamic facts, but reflections on particular questions concerning this or that aspect of the past and present realities of Islam. 

Mohamed Chérif Ferjani is a professor of political science at the University of Lyon 2, and he wrote some essays among one autobiographical, Prison et liberté (Éditions du Mot Passant, Tunis, 2014).