My Moroccan Cuisine

Mina El Glaoui

Senso Unico


  Art Book

English, French

This sumptuous box contains two volumes. “Les Belles Heures”, which borrows its title from the manuscript of the Duke of Berry, proposes to discover Morocco through the images, quotations and paintings of artists that the country has inspired. “The Book of Recipes” is a collection of traditional recipes that pays tribute to the refinement of Moroccan culinary art. Both volumes are illustrated with watercolours and pastels inspired by ancient illuminations, signed Ernesto Angiolini and Taha Drissi. My Moroccan Cuisine is the English version of Ma Cuisine marocaine, published in 1987 as a co-publication by Sochepress and Jean-Pierre Taillandier.


It is by cataloguing family recipes that Mina El Glaoui was introduced to gastronomy, whose generosity, hospitality, friendliness and sharing values she celebrates. In her books, she wishes to convey the sense of finesse and harmony in the selection of spices, but also the regional diversity.