Marrakesh, the Guéliz: a story of heritage

Rachel Thomann

Sarrazines & Co




Marrakesh is the city of tourism par excellence. Its medina, known worldwide, has been the subject of a large number of historical, urban and tourism studies. But the Guéliz, the new city, has rarely been the subject of research. Beyond the theoretical aspects that arise from this academic work, this book is above all an invitation to discover a neighbourhood, a memory and a collective identity that seems to carry away hearts and passions. It also aims to awaken consciences and open the debate on the history of the Guéliz of yesterday and today, open to the future. 

Rachel Thomann was born in 1988 in the small town of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. During an internship during her Master 2 in tourism studies at the Kurt Bösch University Institute (currently University of Lausanne) in Switzerland, she discovered Marrakesh and decided to devote her final year project to the urban architectural heritage of the new city of Marrakesh, the Guéliz. Since then, Rachel Thomann has settled in the Ochre City in order to promote, on a daily basis, a culture and a heritage rich in history.