Man nabhathu ‘anhu ba‘îdan, yaqtunu qurbana

Abdelfattah Kilito

Éditions Toubkal




ISBN 978-9954-694-07-7 

Most of the time, the person you're looking for lives next door.” This collection with a emphasis on paradox brings together ten tales, more like ten readings, in which Abdelfattah Kilito plunges into The Epic of GilgameshHomerDon Quixote, Dante, Diderot, Balzac, Borges, and of course into the heart of the Arabian Nights. And from this journey, he brings out the parallels, the motifs, the echo and resonance effects, the memories that make literature a huge palimpsest. Each time it is a question of a quest or an expectation, a journey, and the revelation that what one was looking for was at home, or even in oneself. Reading thus becomes a fascinating investigation. 

A specialist in ancient Arabic literature, Abdelfattah Kilito is a literary theorist, writer and translator.

He is the author of numerous works of literary criticismincluding L'auteur et ses doubles, an essay on classical Arab culture (Seuil, 1985), La Querelle des images (EDDIF, 1995), Le Cheval de Nietzsche (Le Fennec, 2007) and Je parle toutes les langues, mais en arabe (Sindbad-Actes Sud, 2013), Ruptures (Toubkal, 2020). He writes in Arabic and French.