I keep you silent

Ahmed Nagy

Sefsafa Culture & Publishing




ISBN 978-977-821-131-3

I keep you silent is about reading and writing as acts of resistance. Ahmed Nagy presents in this book a new experience in which he mixes his memories with some of his readings to present a joyful and painful work at the same time. The book tells about his experience in prison, but it is not only about this experience. It is also about the influence of books and writers on Ahmed who finds himself in the midst of a crisis he did not seek and a battle he did not choose. In the book, Naji alternates between prison diaries and memories from his youth by highlighting certain memories about books and literature. He narrates, in a sarcastic and bitter language, the relationship between authority and literature by recounting his own personal story. He relates this story to the stories of other writers who challenged authority, with some of them eventually managing to redraw the entire Egyptian literary scene.


Born in Mansoura (Algeria) in 1985, Ahmed Nagy is a writer and a novelist. He has published novels (Rogers, The Use of Life) and one short-story collection (The Mystery of the Beveled Festival). He currently lives in Las Vegas.