Geography Criticism

Alaa Al-Lami

Al Intishar




Geography Criticism includes six studies. The first one is about “Jerusalem during the Bronze Age,” reinforced by the latest archaeological discoveries about the city (its name, meaning, first builders and origin). The second study, “Criticism of the Torah Asiyer-geographic origins”, uses critical analysis to respond to theories of Dr. Kamal Suleiman Salibi and others. The third study is devoted to a criticism of the Yemeni Torah geography, provided by the researchers such as Dr. Ahmed Eid and Fadhel Al-Rubaie. In the fourth study, the author discusses several opinions of the Egyptian writer Dr. Yusef Zaidan, echoing allegations of Zionist researchers and orientalists. In the fifth study, “Critical tampering with the history of religions”, the author presents a critical reading of a selected book in this area of discussion, which he considers to be a model of historical forging.

Born in Iraq in 1955, Alaa Al-Lami graduated from the College of Arts of the University of Baghdad in 1975. He left Iraq for Algeria, where he worked as a teacher until 1986, and then moved to Switzerland, where he is currently living. He has many publications.