Full-scale war followed by Flights, the shine

Rachid Khaless

Virgule Éditions




The tone, the words, the images in the collection seem to be regulated only by excess. Crazy ambition to reinvent everything. Poetry would only be that, the refusal to admit fixity without giving up traces. A poetry of becoming. A way, a style of being where everything becomes possible”, wrote Jacques Alessandra about Full-scale war (followed by) Flights, the shine. In this collection, the questioning is radical. The poems transfigure into the present the immense thirst for the future that is characteristic of any creator ready to destroy the world in which he lives in order to better rebuild it. A “baptism of arsonists” in a way where "Life and its denial are already converging". In fact, a manifesto where reasons and derailments that pushed Rachid Khaless to become a writer intersect. 

Rachid Khaless teaches literature at Mohammed V University in Rabat and is a publisher at Virgule éditions. Poet, novelist, translator and painter, he is the author among others of Cantiques du désert (poetry, L'Harmattan, 2004), Dissidences (poetry, L'Harmattan, 2009), Absolut Hob (novel, Virgule, 2016). Full-scale war (followed by) Flights, the shine was awarded the Grand Prix Maroc du livre 2019 in the poetry category.