Fragrances of the city

Hussein El-Wad

Sud Éditions




The city of smells, friend! A theater whose heroes are smells and ghosts. How can we see the ghosts? Take a piece of time and a piece of space to create the body. Add a handful of events to it. Now recite your incantation, O magician!, To create the word. Stir your mixture well so that the word descends like a soul into the body. And now your ghost heroes appear.

In this city, the unity of place is not like the scene in the ancient theater. The scene of the novel is a journey through space and time, a journey from town to town and from time to time. An old time, dreamy and sincere, an intermediate and lucid space, and a false and promising word. It is the adventure of a traveling narrator, of an exhausted exile, haunted by smells.


Hussein El-Wad, a university professor and researcher, was born in 1948 in Meknen, Tunisia. He wrote many books in ancient and modern Arabic literature, including a study of al-Maari in the Message of Forgiveness. He won the Golden Komar Prize for Arabic Fiction in 2011, for The fragrances of the city, and his novel His Excellency Mr. Minister was shortlisted for the International Prize for Arabic Fiction in 2013.