El Houmani Sandour

Abdel Hamid Al-Fihri

CAEU Med Ali




El-Houmani Sandour is a narrative biography. The author narrates the biography of El-Sandour who traveled in the 1940's between Kerkennah and the city of Sfax.

Through real-life characters, the author tells the history of a city through the events and people who lived that period. He reveals some of the secrets about the emergence of the national trade union movement and sheds a light on the coexistence of Jews, Christians and Muslims with all the paradoxes and diversity.

Abdel Hamid Al-Fihri is a professor at university who has published several articles and books in history. He is a researcher and head of history laboratories at the University of Sfax, owner of the Jazira Heritage Museum in Kerkennah.