Desacrated Holiness

Khadija Elguejda

Association Tirra




ISBN 978-9954-655-34-4   


In Desacrated Holiness, the novelist Khadija Elguejda revisits the fascinating story of the poetess Mririda N'Aït Atik, who lived in the High Atlas Mountains in the 1940s and whose poems were collected and translated by her lover René Euloge (Les Chants de la Tassaout). Mririda N'Aït Atik sang about love, the suffering of women and the drama of colonisation. Her disappearance remains mysterious. Desacrated Holiness is published, in tifinagh fonts, by the association Tirra, created in 2009 by writers and university professors of Agadir and the first Moroccan publishing house specialised in Amazigh books, since it has published more than 200 titles, literature, translations, children's books... 

After a master's degree in heritage and development at the University Ibn Zohr of Agadir, Khadija Elguejda wrote several novels and screenplays in Amazigh. Her collection of short stories, Ifssi y ismdal n wattan (Marsam, 2016) was awarded the prize for literary creation. She lives near Tiznit.