Damascene Cupid, Drawings and Love Stories

Boutros Al-Maari

Atlas Books


  Art Book


Damascene Cupid offers pleasure to the eye as well as to the mind of the reader. Neither the texts are the basis for it nor the drawings, but rather they complement each other to produce an art book that we rarely find in our libraries. Al-Maari tries to be as simple as his paintings, simple in his texts and ideas that he calls stories and that are not without a poetic whiff or literary value. Damascus also is strongly present in his texts and he is not apologetic in showing his longing to his mother-city, so he celebrates it from a distance as if he is still walking in its streets and alleys like any young lover.

Through this book, Al-Maari tries to attract the ordinary audience - as he calls it – and lead them through the door of reading and savoring art from his simple yet sophisticated way of drawing and writing.

Boutros Al-Maari, a Syrian artist born in Damascus in 1968, holds a PhD in social anthropology from Paris, and lives and works in Germany. Al-Maari holds individual exhibitions in several Arabic and foreign capitals, like Beirut and Paris, and participates in many artistic festivals, such as at the Biennale of Alexandria Library and the art book exhibition in Frankfurt. He is a former university teacher at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus. He writes on art and cultural issues in Arabic newspapers, and he is also the author and photographer of children's books published by French publishing houses.