Beyond the allowed and the forbidden: Transcendent verses from the Quran

Hichem Kacem

KA' Éditions




Planet Earth suffers more and more from antagonisms and confrontations between nations and peoples. Excessive globalisation, in its secular and globalist Western vision, only accelerates the irreversible process of the clash of civilisations. The survival of the fittest – the law of the jungle – exerted on the globe by the holders of capital, a whole elite hungry for supremacy, can only produce ethnic, religious, political, socio-economic and environmental conflicts.

Hichem Kacem, who presents his essay as a work of life, denounces those who want to reduce the Lord at all costs to a placid “avenger” when He is the opposite, just as he denounces those who deride anyone who has faith in Allah, in his daily life or in his public positions.