At the sources of Hirak

Rachid Sidi Boumedine

Chihab Éditions




ISBN 978-9947-39-362-8

Pride, communion, sharing, dazzling, exemplarity: feelings intermingle during the first scenes. Little by little, what appeared as a family reunited by miracle takes the form of a collective that asserts and affirms itself. Through them, the whole of Algeria that expresses itself, in the whole of Algeria. The sociologist Rachid Sidi Boumedine goes back to the sources of Hirak and proposes cues to reading a powerful and peaceful movement whose joyful patriotism perfectly underlines the mechanisms of resilience and survival of a society faced with a clientelist system and its networks. It lays bare both the root causes for the claim and the hidden mysteries of what the Hirak denounces as “the System”, which uses every trick and threat to survive, changing its façade. 

After having conducted scientific studies and worked in the energy sector, Rachid Sidi Boumedine's activity as a sociologist has been more in the field of urban planning and development, either as a teacher-researcher or as a researcher. In addition to his personal work, he has directed several public study and research organisations. After a research project carried out at CREAD as Associate Research Director, before his retirement, he devoted himself to consulting and writing.