Daily Life in the Abyss: Genocide Diaries 1915-1918

Vahé Tachjian Arevelk Syria   Essay Armenian hilo-m81@hotmail.com https://www.facebook.com/arevelkprintinghouse/ This study narrates the diaries of two Armenian deportees of the Armenian Genocide in 1915, Nerses Tavoukdjian and Krikor Bogharian, originally from Antep in Cilicia. It covers their stay in Hama and Salamiyah in Syria between 1915-1918. Vahé Tachjian documents and highlights through vivid testimonies the miserable Read more about Daily Life in the Abyss: Genocide Diaries 1915-1918[…]

Skylark Farm

Antonia Arslan Aryolek Syria   Novel Armenian vachoug@gmail.com Translated from Italian into Armenian by Vaskin Bambakian Skylark Farm is Antonia Arslan’s first novel, based on the experience of an Armenian family, which is in fact the writer’s family, during the 1915 massacres planned and executed by the Ottoman authorities in Ottoman Turkey during the First Read more about Skylark Farm[…]

The Armenian Question in the Ottoman State, 1878-1923

Muhammad Rifaat al-Imam Arevelk Syria   Essay Armenian hilo-m81@hotmail.com https://www.facebook.com/arevelkprintinghouse/ Translated from Arabic into Armenian by Hori Azazian The first chapter of the book examines Armenians’ lives in the Ottoman Empire since the seizure of the Armenian regions that were called “Western Armenia”, through the Armenian intellectual awakening and until the transformation of the Armenian question into Read more about The Armenian Question in the Ottoman State, 1878-1923[…]

Eleven Black Feet

Mahmoud Al-Adawy Al Talia Al Jadida Syria   Essay Arabic ISBN 978-9933-530-30-3 habibalshami87@gmail.com Eleven black feet exposes the history of football in Africa, since its inception with poors, bypassers in ports, attendees of Sunday schools and monasteries, and those who denounced colonialism. The book talks about football without separating it from politics. Africans who were Read more about Eleven Black Feet[…]

The Choked Voice

Abdul Majeed Muhammad Khalaf Al Zaman Syria   Novel Arabic ISBN 978-9933-453-99-2   zeman005@yahoo.com The boat sets sails for exile, leaving a miserable East and pursuing salvation. The voices of the travellers rise to narrate their alienation, the tragedies they lived and their eternal longing for their homeland. The journey starts with the sea, which first welcomes Read more about The Choked Voice[…]

Selection of Poetry of Cigerxwîn

Cigerxwîn Al Zaman Syria   Poetry Kurdish ISBN 978-9933-9006-2-5 zeman005@yahoo.com It is an anthology of Cigerxwîn’s poetry from eight collections in which his various poetic tendencies are highlighted: intellectual, artistic, liberal social nationalist as well as his position towards women rights. The poet imitated older generations of poets in an apparent attempt to prove his Read more about Selection of Poetry of Cigerxwîn[…]

Development of the Syrian Society, 1831-2011

Nashwan Al Alatassi  Atlas Books Syria   Essay Arabic ISBN 978-9953-5838-3-9 atlasbooks@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/Atlasbooks/   Nashwan Al-Atassi attempts, perhaps for the first time in Syria, to delve into modern Syrian history in its various phases. His research analyzes major events that took place in and around Syria (especially in Palestine). It also looks at their consequences on Syrian Read more about Development of the Syrian Society, 1831-2011[…]

The Criminal Sent by Heaven

Abdullah Al Zaabi Atlas Books Syria   Thriller Arabic ISBN 978-9953-583-94-5 atlasbooks@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/Atlasbooks/ The Criminal Sent by Heaven is a thriller written by a young “outcaste” author who lives in a conservative city and tries to break all the taboos and restrictions of his extremely conservative intolerant society with a tremendous wit and great boldness. He Read more about The Criminal Sent by Heaven[…]

In Salt Water

Rafeeqa Al-Bahoury CAEU Med Ali Tunisia   Autobiography Arabic ISBN 5-568-33-9973-978 edition.medali@tunet.tn https://www.facebook.com/EditionMedAli/ In Salt Water is a feminist autobiography. Rafeeqa Al-Bahuri did what many Arab biographers, men and women, did not dare to do. She talks about her life, surroundings, relationships, adventures, visions, dreams, disappointments and in this she swims in the transparent salt water Read more about In Salt Water[…]